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Did I Kill it?

Hey you guys can go on without me you know? I had the play and it ate my life for a while but I'm done... I hate to come back and see no one's touched anything... :(

But ... I'm gonna try to work on the challenge this week! I have more time now without the play. Acting is harder work than I thought. ^-^ But fun.

Okay... gonna go now. I'm still manic...

No way in hell...

I'm going to get this done this week. It's "Hell Week" for Jekyll and Hyde and I'm swamped. I will have to count on finishing this challenge after next weekend...

Sorryness. -_-


If we're gonna put our first challenge pics up on a bio page of some kind...
Should we all give a copy without the backgrounds and .gif so they'll show up better... and standardize them all to the same height or something?

u.u Just an idea that I think would make it look better ... or ... well maybe anyway.

The Challenge: Draw a picture with at least TWO people interacting in some way.
Restrictions/Conditions: Nada
Date Start: Sunday the 14th of October
Date End: Sunday the 21st of October  EDIT - Extended to the 29th

I think I'm going to bed now -.-


As in, Thank God It's Finally Fucking Finished. I got lazy near the end, so some parts probably look crappy. But here you are.

Next Challenge will be up presently.

Mine's Done...

Anou... I got carried away on a dream and finished it all. ^-^ I like it...

Um... link to larger file though: Me in Meh Head

I dunno... I have horns and cool ears and magic symbols... and I tried not to be too thin because I'm not, but I couldn't draw a happy medium... But I like where this went. o.o

Favorite parts: Hair and hands...I did hands...

And um... I didn't shade much on the clothes... okay lets be honest, I didn't shade the clothes at all because I liked them plain and when I shaded them I hated it. So it's not shaded completely, but that's how I wanted it.

Does it look alright? u_u
I like it anyway.

Umm... I started working on it last night after I finished talking with Colby... about 12 am and I'm done at 9:30 am but I've done a lot of random stuff along the way including an hour of Family Guy... so probably about 5-7 hours. Somewhere in there.

Photoshop and my new Aiptek Hyperpen 5000 Tablet... Centi's "Folds In Clothes" tutorial (which I made very poor use of...c_c) and I Googled for pictures of socks to remind me how that little colored area laid out.

Otherwise this just sprang out of my head and into my comp apparently. o.o

Now I need sleep... -_-

I'm in..

Thanks for letting me join in. ;)
I'll get started on this asap... Thank gods I'm done with Theater practice for the week... u_u
Talk to ya guys tomorrow.



We are lazy

No challenge this week. We're continuing to work on what we did from last time. Look for a new challenge next week! Now I need to go back to crying over my terrible shading!


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